+POOL NY, as seen on Kickstarter

by Shaina Low February 13, 2017

+POOL NY, as seen on Kickstarter


+POOL Tile by Tile is the name of an exciting initiative launched on Kickstarter with the goal of cleaning up the Hudson river in New York. +Pool was started with the simple goal: instead of cleaning the entire river how about cleaning a small piece of it for people to enjoy. Think of it like the Brita water filter you have on your jug but on a massive scale. We were recently made aware of this project and are now proud supporters. The idea came about when three entrepreneurs Dong, Archie and Jeff realised it just wasn't right that in a city surrounded by water you had to travel out of the city to enjoy a swim.


We loved the idea and pledged on Kickstarter the global crowd sourcing site to support the project. As an incentive for everyone that contributes financially they will customize a tile with your name or business depending on your level of pledge and they are just about at their $250'000 goal to launch the project. We wish them every success and can see the global potential, polluted harbor cities are common and a project like this could be just what we need to get us thinking of cleaner, greener ways to live.

SoFloat supports +POOL NY

We'll be looking forward to our invite for a swim in the opening week ahead of the general public and encourage you to pledge here too.



Shaina Low
Shaina Low

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